Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is PRASADS?
A. PRASADS is a family entertainment center housing 5 Movie Theatres, an IMAX Theatre, Shopping, food court, fast food restaurants and soon to open entertainment zone.

Q. How do I book tickets for the cinemas?
A. Our Ticket counters are open from 9 am to 10 pm on all days of the week.

Q. Can I book tickets over phone or the internet?

A. You can book tickets over phone by calling 040-39895050 and online by visiting

Q. What are IMAX Films?

A. Films are shot on different formats – 35mm, 70 mm etc. One such format is IMAX. The IMAX format is very large -10 times bigger than a 35mm film format thus offering unparalleled viewing experience.

Q. Are all films screened at PRASADS, IMAX films?

A. No. PRASADS has got one IMAX theatre showing films that run for approximately 45 minutes and DMR films run for more than an hour. Rest of the FIVE screens will show regular 35mm/scope format feature films and in 3D .

Q. Can regular format films like “Boys” be shown in an IMAX Theatre?

A. No. Regular feature films are not shot on the IMAX format and cannot be shown in an IMAX Theatre.

Q. How and when do I collect my ticket after telebooking?

A. You must bring the reference number given to you by the telebooking agent and come to the complex and collect your ticket one hour before the start of the show.

Q. Why one hour before and how do I pass my time?

A. You must collect one hour before because all persons who do telebooking do not turn up for the show. Such unsold tickets need to be sold by us. So we require at least one hour to do the same. There are lot of activities like food courts, shopping etc in the complex which keep you entertained while you are at the complex.

Q. Why is Prasads Telebooking line is difficult to reach?

A. We have done our surveys and the same has shown that during busy timings there atleast 20 callers at a time. We have alloted 14 lines for telebooking and on completion of each call the next caller gets connected. We get approximately about 1500 calls and more in a day.

Q. Why perons without ticket is not allowed on the third floor?

A. The third floor consist only of four and eventually five theatres. There is no other activity apart from movies on the floor. So only movie goers with valid tickets are allowed for obvious reasons.

Q. How does one use a escalator?

A. One should first hold on to the moving railing of the escalator and then step on to the escalator step without hestistation like normal walking. There are yellow lines on the moving stairs. Never put your foot on the yellow line. Put our foot immediately after the yellow line. (If you are not very confident use the stairs or the lift and do not block the escalator for others).

Q. What music systems are used in Prasads multiplex theatres?

A. We have both dts and digital dolby systems to give you the best.

Q. How does one exit out of the theatre at the end of the show?

A. Every theatre has a minimum of three or a maximum of four exits. Two from the rear of the theatre and one/two on the side. All exits can lead you to the first, second, ground floor or directly to the outside of the building close to the parking area.

Q. Where do I park my vehicle if the Prasads complex parking is full?

A. If the parking at Prasads is full you may park your vehicle at the HUDA parking area exactly opposite the Prasads Complex.